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唐诗宋词300首-古诗词大全-唐诗宋词精选 - 古诗词网


作者: 杜甫 发布时间: 2021年08月08日 14:58:08


I would like to be a lamp to warm your cold and take care of your life!


In life, the value of health far outweighs fame and wealth. May you take care of yourself with moderate work and leisure.


A gentle greeting, do not want to worry about you! I just want to know if you are all right.


No matter how busy the work is, just remember that I am always looking at you from afar and wishing you well.


White clouds float around the five continents, sincerely giving a close friend. May greetings and blessings remain in your heart forever.


In the bright blue sky, white clouds evoke deep memories, words, greetings from distant lovers.


Send a light word, send a strong feeling, I wish you all the best.


Spiritual and calm. Eat a moderate diet, be careful of the cold and warm. When living in mind, work and leisure are even.


You are my baby, you are my flower, thank you for your help, thank you for your love.


Silently bless, if separation is necessary, the previous days may you cherish, the future days may you take care of.


Your love is like the flower buds in the garden. They are plain and beautiful, with a subtle fragrance. May the flowers blossom forever.


I heard it's raining tomorrow, baby, you need to be ready for rain. Wear thick clothes and take an umbrella with you.


The lotus blossoms open at the same time, the mood is mutually imprinted; the Chinese parasol branches are planted in succession, and the rhinoceros interacts with each other. I wish the new couple a hundred years of harmony.


In the crowded crowd, there will be my concerned eyes, and in the quiet night, there will still be me dreaming for you.


Joy is the medicine of life. It cures the diseases in life and calms the struggles in life.


Dear, the recent influenza, you have to remember to prevent in advance ah, to be good, but do not catch a cold ah.


Spring breeze is like a dream, the wind has no trace, just for the thoughts of the heart, send a strong blessing from afar.


Fragrance, purple auspicious, celebrating the opening ceremony, wish business as strong as spring, financial resources like water.


Not everyone can have heart to heart. A true friend is one who treats each other honestly regardless of fame and fortune.


People and people depend on understanding each other. So let's compare our hearts and change our hearts.


Are you all right now? I wish you happiness in the distance and hope for a better tomorrow for both of us.


Along the way, accompany me with joy, accompany me with worry, this sincere friendship, I will cherish for life.


Every time the second hand goes, it's one of my blessings, old friend. You owe me a lot of blessings.


I said you would find a better one than me! I know you don't like listening! But this is my sincere wish.


The comfort of friendship gives me joy; the emotional world is always memorable. May friendship last forever.


I weave a dream with colorful clouds and make it a beautiful poem, accompanying you day and night, wishing you well.


May a greeting bring you a new mood and a blessing bring you a new starting point.


Every time I look back, I always miss you and wish you good luck.


In front of friendship, between people, like between stars, not hinder each other, but shine on each other.


My friend, on this beautiful day, may all the happiness in the world be concentrated in you.


When we are happy, our friends will know us; when we are in trouble, we will know our friends.


Draw a youth arc, inlaid with a colorful sunshine, with a string of happy notes wish friendship sincere and beautiful.


If you say you have no love, you will meet again in this life. If you say you have love, how can you make your mind empty?


Warm blessings, burning in my heart; hope of the smile, with my infinite affection.


May you use the net of youth to catch the starlight of life and let the brilliant youth blossom with brilliant and colorful light.


When I wake up, I miss you very much. I can send a text message casually. I haven't seen you for several days. I wish you a good mood every day.


Hello, my friend, you must be busy, take care of your health, your good friend!


Youth is the flower season of friendship. On this blooming day, my blessing is a fragrant forget-me-not.


There is no gorgeous language, no bold words, but my thanks to you will not be reduced by one point.


There was a concert and some colleagues said it was great. I have tickets. Let's go and have a look. Cultivate sentiment.


Send me a poem of praise, a love affair and sincere wishes.


Injection and medicine suffered, can not go out tasteless, I can understand the mood, calm and calm, I wish you a recovery!


Blue sky and blue sea are boundless, only friendship is endless. With sincere love, I wish you thousands of blessings.


Space divides you and me, time washes away you and me, and caring heart is around.


A greeting, a blessing, the thoughts of endless nostalgia, and blessings of happiness and health, forever and ever.


The grass warbler flies in July, blinks for half a year, and sends a message to wish: Health and make more money!


I wish you and your loved ones a good meal, a good sleep, and no trouble all day. By the way, I wish you white and fat!


Don't worry about tomorrow, because tomorrow has its own worries. One day's difficulties are enough.


Wish the dream fantasy melt in the sky's rosy clouds; Wish the green birds to pick us up and fly to the oasis of life.


Whether the music of every drop of rain can excite the ripples in your heart and convey your heart.


Every word in my heart is my deep thoughts and wishes. May the warmth and joy bind you forever.


Health is the best gift, contentment is the greatest wealth, and confidence is the best moral character.